A mobile business app, for what?

16 March 2017

It is not just Marketing that invests in mobile applications, IT as well. Because they allow companies, in bulk, to increase productivity, competitiveness, responsiveness, improve communication between employees or give them an innovative image, they are increasingly able to jump not.

An app for the company, yes, but for what?

They are most often deployed to sales and marketing teams because value creation is easier to evaluate. In this case, they take the form of digital catalogs, order-taking support, decision support, etc.

As Spirica


Or PARC 2016 from Crédit Agricole Centre Loire, an incentive App


Another opportunity is to develop a mobile application to support logistics services. Whether it is for accompanying or locating deliverers or to facilitate the transmission of orders between two remote sites, the mobile phone has a lot to offer.

For example, Gabon Mining and Pharmabois.

Gabon Mining It serves its mineral transporters and ensures precise tracking of the routing of its products. Pharmabois is intended for site managers of an application that allows them to send their orders of materials in a few seconds to the workshop for on-site delivery the next day.

bewoopi-realisations-app-gabon-mining pharmabois-screen

Human Resources are no exception either.

Enterprise mobile applications can provide better communication for internal communications, provide training modules for newcomers, facilitate travel to head offices, and manage meeting room reservations.

And why not an application for business cards BPLoop?


All of the business apps presented as examples were developed by the Bewoopi teams. To get your own mobile app designed by our agency, contact us.