What we wanted to tell you about the Mobile World Congress 2017

5 March 2017

The Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March and brought together all the mobile actors from around the world. This year, 107,000 visitors flocked to see the exhibitors from France, who were the second biggest delegation, behind organizing Spain.

Unlike the Las Vegas CES, which aims to present innovations aimed at the general public, the MWC is more of a BtoB show to present a whole range of solutions and services ready to be integrated by the actors of the mobile sector (operators, manufacturers , Etc.).

Topics include:

MPayment solutions:

This year, mobile payment is deployed concretely through Wallets and contactless payment solutions. Among the exhibitors, Famoco and Ingenico. They featured a common solution that combines product screen selection and payment terminal. The objective is to allow salespeople on the shelf to make orders and receipts on a single device and on the move. Famoco has also presented a solution that simplifies the subscription process on smartphone thanks to the scan of identity card with validation of its authenticity. Mastercard and Visa offered cards solutions that regularly change cryptograms.

Security :

Security was in the spotlight both for the protection of the data collected and the security of its mobile phone. Biometrics was present in some of the solutions proposed as for Irisys which integrates facial recognition and pupil. A new consortium was set up to standardize and ensure the security of connected objects, the so-called “iot cyber security Alliance”.

The energy

Several initiatives have been unveiled to reduce the bandwidth or to recharge its mobile in a situation of mobility precisely. For this, more and more local processing and compression.

Artificial intelligence and bots

They were obviously present, as at the CES in Las Vegas. Watson caused a sensation by creating a work inspired by the work of Gaüdi, Barcelona obliges.