BPLoop – Business cards

17 January 2017

At the origin of this project, 3 entrepreneurs who entrusted Bewoopi with the design and development of their mobile application idea. An application that would get rid of his paper business cards and reinvent the exchange of contact.

Thanks to BPLoop, it is now possible to:
– To create in just a few clicks his card of viste PRO and his personal business card
– Exchange it with a finger slip or thanks to its unique QR code
– Classify their business cards thus exchanged, find them simply, add notes

For companies, BPLoop is also a great tool for:
– Create a business card template for all employees in just a few clicks
– Encourage internal exchanges through the rubric “colleagues”
– Keep an employee’s professional contacts after departure and facilitate contact with his or her replacement
– Share its news through the “corporate info” area on the back of the business cards of its employees